This is a quality control tool for professionals who need to perform highly accurate translations in a short time. This tool allows you to check even a very large document in a fairly short time.

Verifika is an automatic translation quality control tool that detects potential errors in bilingual files and translation memories. The program detects false positive errors. In order to take them into account or omit them in a document, you need to manually check each such occurrence.

It provides a fairly wide range of functions, such as spell check, grammar check, bilingual text analysis, searching for and correcting more than 50 types of translation mistakes, determining translation subject matter, text quality assessment, terminology and semantics check.

In my work, I pay special attention to the mistake categories “Inconsistent numbers in source and target” and “No untranslatable in target” (checking for alphanumeric combinations in source and target segments) and to the “User-defined checks” tab, where source text may partially be displayed in target segments.

Globally, the software helps to bring the translated document (target document) to its final state, keeping its format, ensuring that numerical values match, that no letters or even words in the source language are present, that grammar rules match, and that terminology is used correctly.