Vitaly Tchaikovsky has been cooperating with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian scientific and technical centre for information on standardization, metrology and conformity assessment" (FSUE "STANDARTINFORM") since 2014 up to now. He participates in translation of international ISO and IEC standards within the framework to implement the National standardization program, as well as to form the Federal information foundation of standards. He proved himself to be a seasoned professional. 

Alla S. Sosunova
Translation Office Head for Standardization Documents, Russia

 In my capacity as Manager of Professional Translation Ltd., I would like to confirm herewith that Mr. Vitaly Tchaikovsky has been working with Professional Translation Ltd since February 2009. All this time Mr. Tchaikovsky is employed as a part-time translator. The main duties of Mr. Tchaikovsky as a translator for Professional Translation Ltd are to provide English-Russian and Russian-English translation of different documentation, mainly in the nuclear power engineering as regard to the European Standards for concrete and surface treatment. In the course of his assignments, he always reveals excellent proficiency in the English language and profound knowledge in the specific areas of technical terminology. He always performs his duties with diligence and to a high standard, acting in a professional and responsible manner and completing his assignments within the agreed deadlines. I would recommend him with no hesitation as a competent and knowledgeable professional. 

Tatyana Ivanova
Manager of Professional Translation Ltd., Bulgaria

 In my capacity as Managing Director of Halftime Translation Services I had the immense pleasure of working with Vitaly Tchaikovsky. He is truly a professional Russian-English Translator and proofreader, he achieved with us several projects and he was excellent in all topics and fields which assigned to him from the legal, technical, medical, marketing, general fields. Vitaly has a proven track record as a valuable Translator. 

Iyad Alaswad
Managing Director, Halftime Translation Services, UAE

 This letter is my personal recommendation for Vitaly Tchaikovsky. During the 5-year period until just recently, I have been Vitaly's immediate supervisor. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication, persistence and enthusiasm that were crucial to the success of our project goals. Besides being a joy to work with, Vitaly is a take-charge person who is able to work with due care. He has successfully performed all kinds of translation that have resulted in the best results and positive comments from the Customer; as well as he developed his skills in various industry-wise software. During his tenure, we saw an increase in his professional skills that were evident on the day-by-day basis. His efforts and achievements' earned his excellent performance evaluations. Vitaly was also extraordinaryly helpful in other areas of the company. in addition to translations and interpretations Vitaly assumed another kind of activity related to the Project Delivery Group. I highly recommend Vitaly for further employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Hanna Mossad El Habrouk
Project Director, Petrofac Engineering and Construction