Good translations have the reason to come

I am a qualified translator with the total work experience of above 20 years, 10 years were spent at various projects abroad. Year by year the experience is gained through competence, scrupulousness, diligence, dedication, patience, persistence, willingness to learn and honing the skills; through expanding my activities to new fields. I have a knowledge of all the stages of a translation project of any scale: from the moment of placing an order to delivery of the completed order. Besides, I know all secrets of a high-quality translation. My special personal characteristics are those that always help me reaching higher tops of the mountains and feeling like standing tall and being always ready to learn and to expand. The core values of my professional activities are integrity, quality, urgency, respect, teamwork, diversity, financial responsibility and results.

My greatest advantage is the experience gained when I used to live abroad and work at foreign projects. It helps me be well-versed in technical texts of any complexity. Dedication to sport helps me be at the ready, keep an equal mind and remain functional for a longer period than well-known time standards like 8 hours, 5/2 days, etc.

My mission is to help my clients improve their businesses and achieve their goals and to help them communicate with their partners and people. And all of that on a global scale.

My dedication to client satisfaction is more than satisfaction; it necessitates feeling like the client, reading behind the client’s words. Dealing with me eventually means that you deal with someone who understands the client’s business inside and out.

No matter what client, or the size or scope of the project is, I have the knowledge and experience to meet the client’s translation needs.

My vision is to be the high-demand provider of global language and business solutions.

Why should my potential clients contact just me? The combination of experience, professional competence, knowledge and the above-said capabilities allow me ensuring a high level of service and quality of my rendered services, which, in its turn, is essential for our cooperation.
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