SDL Trados

SDL Trados automated translation software is designed to speed up text translation processes and increase translators’ efficiency, and includes many features and fine-tuning options.

The software is a unified system with which texts can be translated and edited. Simple, joint management of linguistic projects, structuring of terminology, and machine translation capabilities make the software indispensable for word processing.

Trados simplifies the translator’s work by accumulating translations in a special resource – translation memory (TM) for their subsequent reuse. Such databases can be created for each required project. Due to TMs, only those parts of a text that have been updated or changed can be translated. When translating, a unified style and formatting of documents is kept.

Trados also eliminates the necessity to manually search for terminology from different sources by having automated glossaries – terminology bases (termbase, TB).

In my opinion, it is the best translation software because Trados combines the features of all its competitors. One of the obvious advantages of Trados is its very user-friendly interface which allows you to quickly perform various functions in the translation process. It is compatible with other programs that support the translation process.